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Childrens infectious diseases

As a child, the person transmission of infectious diseases, which later as an adult, he was never ill.
That is why they are called "children's infectious diseases"

Krasnuha  |  the Chicken pox (chicken pox)  |  the Measles  |  the Whooping cough  |  the Epidemic parotitis or svinka  |  the Poliomyelitis  |  the Diphtheria  |  the Scarlet fever

In the childhood the person transfers infectious diseases which subsequently, being the adult, he already never is ill.

For this reason they have received the name «nurseries infectious Illnesses ».
Children's illnesses are absolutely necessary for formation at the person of high-grade immunity.
that the adult was not ill, it should in the childhood, to be exact till 14 years, to get high resistibility in relation to infections, i.e. to save up enough of antibodies.
for this purpose the child should have been ill with the most different infectious diseases and including children's illnesses.

the immune system of children should train constantly. Co-operating with various antigenes.
the child gets proof lifelong immunity or after acute disease transferring, or, without being ill, at the expense of constant contacts to infecting agents in small concentration.
it is necessary to tell that healthy children are perfectly adapted for overcoming of children's infections. At them these diseases proceed easier, than at adults and, as a rule, do not happen are aggravated by complications. Поведенческие факторы

It is necessary to allocate especially importance of transferring children's infek-tsionnyh diseases for girls who potentially are the future mums.
it is very important, that the girl has had been ill with all children's illnesses thanks to what at it proof lifelong immunity which it can transfer to the children will naturally be generated.

It is necessary to notice that the majority of children who are on the chest Feeding till 3-4 years, are ill very seldom.
if during this period also there is a disease, as a rule, against feeding by parent milk it passes benign.

the basic period of a meeting with children's illnesses is necessary on age from 4 till 14 years, but at this age the immune system of the child appears already enough mature, and now accumulation of antibodies goes to its problems in as it is possible bolshemu quantity of alien agents.
it It is absolutely necessary that subsequently the adult person Has been is minimum subject to various diseases.

Heavy current of diseases and serious complications after them Are peculiar to children with hereditary diseases and congenital sufferings of immune system.
children who are on artificial feeding are inclined to the aggravated course of diseases also.
besides, propensity to a heavy current to disease and serious complications after them first of all It is inherent in socially unsuccessful levels of population. To this Categories should be carried persons with alcoholic dependence, addicts, smokers, glue sniffers etc., and also those who lives Half-starving, has no reliable roof over the head and is exposed To other deprivations.

as to congenital sufferings of the immune Systems, as a rule, in population of such people no more than 5 %.
But even the one who has congenital sufferings of immune system, no means always as a result of illness receives heavy oslozhne-nija, leaders to physical inability or a lethal outcome.

such unsuccessful cases is from 1 on 1000 to 1 on 100000 diseased depending on a disease version that is extremely a rare occurence.