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Childrens infectious diseases. A diphtheria

As a child, the person transmission of infectious diseases, which later as an adult, he was never ill.
That is why they are called "children's infectious diseases"

The diphtheria - is a serious illness which develops not at the expense of action of the activator which in this case are difte-rijnye korinebakterii, and at the expense of its toxin. It is necessary to notice that at contact to a source infitsirovanija fall ill not all.
the susceptibility to a diphtheria makes, under the different data, 10-30 %.

Disease and weight of course of a diphtheria are in direct dependence from social a condition.
density of residing, low level of hygiene, undereating, an alcoholism and a narcotism has the greatest value. An age risk factor javljaetksja the group is more younger 5 and is more senior 40 years.
Besides, risk group in relation to diftirii are children with chronic diseases and the lowered functions of immune system in what not posledknjuju the role plays a heredity. Each sixth-seventh child is that weak link which is amazed with this infection. It is necessary to notice especially that the chronic tonsillitis considerably raises risk disease by a diphtheria.

The disease Description
The diphtheria activator as it has been told above, is diphtheritic korinebakterija.
Disease is transferred by an air-drop way and characterised by development of an original inflammation In a place of entrance gate of an infection, an intoxication and complications With strony cardiovascular, nervous and mochevydelitelnoj Systems.
an infection source is the sick person and the carrier of diphtheritic sticks the Incubatory period makes 3-10 days.

Diphtheria displays are so various that till 19 century its separate forms were considered as various diseases.
depending on a place of introduction of the activator of disease can distinguish neskolkko diphtheria kinds: the pharynx diphtheria, a nose diphtheria, a throat diphtheria, a skin diphtheria, a diphtheria of eyes, a diphtheria of external genitals, etc. the Most widespread are a pharynx and throat diphtheria.

We Will describe the basic signs of diphtheritic process
1. The Inflammation is shown by formation of a film serovato-white pli the is dirty-grey colour, towering over the amazed surface. The film has a clear boundary, extends on nearby spaces.
2. The Pain in the field of an inflammation moderated, reddening soft, limfo-knots are increased, dense, maloboleznennye Weight of a condition does not correspond to a picture in a drink that distinguishes a diphtheria from quinsy.
3. The Body temperature keeps within 37,5 - 38,5°C.
4. The Intoxication corresponds to size of local process (than It is more than film, the the condition) is heavier.

Most often, practically in 90 % of cases, there is a pharynx diphtheria.
at this form of disease on mindalinah characteristic touches which quickly utolshchajutsja, become a raft th are formed, cover a considerable part, and sometimes and all surface mindalin. Limfouzly the painful.

Other widespread form is the diphtheria of a throat which can proceed against normal or subfebrilnoj body temperatures. The general condition and state of health almost in norm. Then there is a dry barking cough and osiplost voices.
mucous a pharynx and a nose pure, without touches, kataralnye the phenomena No, infringements of breath are not present.
This period lasts 1-3 days, then cough and a voice lose sonority, and appears zatrudknennoe breath - asthma attacks. Difficulty of breath, osiplost and voice loss touches, spasms and throat hypostases cause. Voice loss can be long. The diphtheria of a throat with prizna-kami an asthma is a true croup.

Care of the child
Easy forms diftirii probably to treat in house conditions Rinsing and irrigation drinks solutions of antiseptic tanks.
but it It is necessary to do under supervision of the doctor.
as exists Big kolichichestvo Atypical forms of a diphtheria, the doctor tries To take dab from a throat of the patient at any quinsy, that not propuskti disease - a diphtheria.

The main fears of medical workers are connected with not distinguished toxic form of a diphtheria which comes to an end lethal ishokdom or the hardest complications. Heavy and srednietjazhelye diphtheria forms treat in a hospital.
the main means of treatment is introduction of antitoxic whey. This measure spent to first 3 days of illness, umenshaket risk of development of complications, their weight and duration.

The great value at care of the patient has a mode. The confinement to bed should be observed within 10-30 days from the disease beginning.
In hard cases specific therapy, napravklennaja on dezintoksikatsiju an organism, support of work of kidneys and heart, and also obshcheukrepljajushchie procedures is applied.