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Childrens infectious diseases. A whooping cough

As a child, the person transmission of infectious diseases, which later as an adult, he was never ill.
That is why they are called "children's infectious diseases"

The whooping cough is sharp vysokokontagioznoe disease of children's age which once was dangerous in the European countries and America.
a characteristic sign of disease is specific pristupoobrazny and barking cough which can remain a little »months.

at healthy children the whooping cough proceeds in not complicated form and any special treatment does not demand.
today this illness keeps the danger in Third World countries as weight of its current and development complication considerably are influenced by social factors.
improvement of a food and a sanitary-and-hygienic condition of places of residing of people uvelichikvaet resistibility of an organism and considerably reduces number of complications.

To whooping cough transferring the age till three years is dangerous.
But the whooping cough is most dangerous to babies of the first year of a life, especially in the first 6 months. As a result of transferring of this disease at kids heavy complications often enough develop.

After one-year-old age course of a whooping cough and occurrence of complications after it meets seldom and makes About 0,8 % from number of the diseased.
at teenagers and adults this disease proceeds easily and can have the bronchitis form.
as a result of disease transferring proof lifelong immunity is formed.

The disease Description The whooping cough is the disease caused kokljushnoj by a stick, transferred by air-drop way and characterised pristupoobraznym convulsive cough. An infection source are sick a whooping cough with 1 for 25 day of disease.
infection Occurs at close and long enough contact to the patient. As kokljushnaja the stick extends only On 2-2,5м.
the Incubatory period makes from 3 till 14 days.

Entrance collars of an infection is the mucous membrane of the top respiratory ways.
Kokljushnaja the stick and products of its ability to live cause irritation in the central nervous system, in particular, they influence the respiratory centre - response is cough.

For a whooping cough the gradual beginning is characteristic; a satisfactory condition of the patient; a normal body temperature.
the basic symptom is dry, persuasive, constantly amplifying cough, thus others kataralnye the phenomena are absent.
with development of disease cough gradually amplifies, despite spent symptomatic therapy, and passes during the period pristupoobraznogo convulsive cough which proceeds from 2 weeks TILL 2 months, and sometimes and more.
the Fit of coughing can come to an end with vomiting. In process of recover convulsive cough starts to lose typical character, frequency of attacks decreases, cough arises less often, it becomes easier and disappears.

the state of health improves, vomiting disappears, the dream and appetite are normalised. The recover period proceeds 2-6 months.

Care of the child Care of the child, sick whooping cough, consists basically In reduction of negative psychoemotional loadings and Obligatory walks on 2 - 4 hours per day.

at the expense of movement cold nogo air fits of coughing decrease and even act in film.
besides, the child try to carry away interesting activity as when it distracts, fits of coughing it is not observed.

because cough is accompanied by vomiting and plentiful mucous separated, it is necessary to support constantly in cleanliness underwear and house clothes of the child, to finish feeding it after each fit of coughing which comes to an end with vomiting.
For simplification of fits of coughing use the means diluting mokrotu.
During the convulsive period and the period vyzdorovklenija it is possible to use preparations for activity suppression kashlevogo the centre.
the doctor should appoint these preparations.