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Childrens infectious diseases. Measles

As a child, the person transmission of infectious diseases, which later as an adult, he was never ill.
That is why they are called "children's infectious diseases"

The measles are vysokokontagioznoe the disease proceeding benign.
in the absence of immunity with it 100 % of the persons contacting to the patient fall ill.

a characteristic symptom of measles are stsetsificheskie vysypanija.
the Measles are dangerous to socially unsuccessful levels of population.
it is not dangerous to healthy children and does not demand special treatment. Usually with measles children of preschool and average school age are ill.
recommended age for transferring of this disease from 4 TILL 14 years. As a result of transferring Diseases proof lifelong immunity is formed.

The disease Description
Disease is characterised kataralnym by a syndrome, defeat of mucous membranes of an oral cavity, an intoxication, a rash passing in pigmentation. The disease activator is the virus.

The incubatory period - 9-17 days.
Infection source is the sick person, infectious from last days the incubatory period to 4 days of the period vysypanija. About 5 days of occurrence of a rash sick | measles becomes noncontagious.

The first symptoms of measles dry cough, zalozhennost a nose, sometimes with small watery vydelenijami.

On 2-3 put a condition We worsen, cough amplifies, there are signs konjunktikvita, a photophobia, vysypanija on the mucous.
at measles on covers of lips, gums and cheeks there are characteristic only for it stains of Filatova-Koplika.

For 4-5 day of disease the period vysypanija which 3-4 days last begins.
the rash has the prominent features, the most expressed from which is etapnost distributions: the first elements of a rash appear behind ears, on nose bridge.

within the first days the rash extends on the person, a neck, the top part of a breast, shoulders.
for 2 days it completely covers a trunk, extends further on hands, for 3-4 days - on all hands and the bottom finitenesses, (the type, has 1 2 sm in diameter, disappears at rastjagivaknii skin, can tower over a skin.
in the beginning the rash small, in some hours increases and takes a typical form of the wrong form, the large sizes, settles down on external and internal surfaces of finitenesses on not changed background of a skin.

In a week the pigmentation period begins: the rash starts to darken already since the day before yesterday period vysypanija and darkens in the same order, as well as appeared.
sometimes pigmentation comes to an end with a small peeling.
I.e. for 3-4 day vysypany the person and the top part of a body becomes bagrovo-cyanotic, and on top and especially on the bottom finitenesses a rash still bright.

Care of the child At measles the maintenance in cleanliness natelnogo and bed-clothes of the child is very important.
care of eyes is important: some times pass them it is necessary to wash out broth of an oak bark, a camomile, zveroboja or a weak solution of potassium permanganate. At purulent konjunktive it is recommended to dig in 20 %-s' albucid.
at a photophobia it is necessary to black out a premise, zaakryvaja windows dense curtains.

The mouth at vysypanijah is recommended to be rinsed a camomile or a calendula. Fill in I teaspoon with a boiled water glass, insist 20 minutes, filter and rinse a mouth warm infusion. It is recommended to grease lips with lanolin pli hygienic lipstick.

The help at a cold and cough to the child render same, as well as at Prostudnyh diseases.
at cough it is recommended to apply otharkivajushchie means.