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Childrens infectious diseases. Krasnuha

As a child, the person transmission of infectious diseases, which later as an adult, he was never ill.
That is why they are called "children's infectious diseases"

Krasnuha is sharp virus vysokokontagioznoe disease (i.e. the majority contacting to the patient falls ill), unique on the inoffensiveness.

it does not demand treatment, proceeds is good-quality and does not leave any consequences, except proof lifelong immunity.
children transfer krasnuhu very easily, therefore the set of cases krasnuhi remains even not noticed.
children from 1 year till 7 years is more often are ill.
adults transfer this disease more hard though and they do not have special bases for anxiety.
distinguish congenital and got krasnuhu.

Got krasnuha The virus krasnuhi gets through a mucous membrane of the top Respiratory ways also breeds in limfouzlah.
the Incubatory period lasts 11-21 day.
Got krasnuha it is characterised melkopjatnistoj by a rash, increase limfouzlov, mainly occipital and zadneshejnyh, a moderate intoxication and insignificant kataralnymi the phenomena. A rash melkopjatnistaja, red pli is bright-pink: plentiful, disappears at pressing. At recover iszezaet completely, without pigmentation and a peeling.
Etapnost vysypanija is absent.

Limfadenit - a constant sign krasnuhi. There can be amazed okoloushnye, peredneshejnye, popliteal, axillary groups limfouzlov.
Increase limfouzlov moderated, sometimes slightly painful.

Congenital krasnuha Real danger represents congenital krasnuha. It is dangerous only to pregnant women as embrionalnaja the fabric is a nutrient medium for reproduction of a virus of this disease.
Krasnuha transferred during time of pregnancy, leads to rough infringements in development of a fruit or its  destruction.

as a result of infection krasnuhoj in different terms of pregnancy different developmental anomalies are formed: developmental anomalies of a brain - 3-11 weeks; defects of eyes and heart - 4-7 weeks; defects of an organ of hearing - 7-12 weeks. At infection krasknuhoj till 8th week of pregnancy there is a spontaneous abortion. Preventive maintenance congenital krasnuhi.
because of the big danger krasnuhi for the future child to each girl who has not reached 18 years, i.e. till the moment of probability of its own pregnancy, it is recommended to transfer this disease in the free form and to get in relation to it natural immunity.

in the future it will allow already adult woman to bear the children in safety. At the expense of constant household contacts to a virus krasnuhi 80-90 % of girls in fertilnom age already have natural immunity in relation to it as transfer disease in the sharp or erased form, and only 10-20 % remain susceptible to this infection.