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Childrens health

As a child, the person transmission of infectious diseases, which later as an adult, he was never ill.
That is why they are called "children's infectious diseases"

The Basis of health of the person is the high-grade immune system.

she allows us to cope successfully with illnesses even when we were in direct contact to an infection source.
health of immune system is put even before occurrence of the child on light.
for formation of immune forces of an organism the comfortable inhabitancy biologically normal childbirth - the period when in an organism of the child there is a bookmark of bodies and the functional systems, which high-grade development further oprede-ljaet quality of our health matters.
then immunity formation occurs in infancy and the childhood under the influence of chest feeding and correct care of the child.

Formation of immune forces of an organism occurs not only under the influence of the hereditary program of development of a human body. But also under the influence of an environment. in this case are of great importance necessary contacts to household flora, timely transferring of children's infectious diseases, also sufficient physical activities and optimum contact to such external factors, as the sun, humidity, a wind, a cold and heat, changes of atmospheric pressure and td. Physical nagruzkki and influence of external natural powers promote formirovakniju to endurance of the child so, promote also to strengthening of protective forces of its organism.

So, the high-grade immune system of the child defines quality of its health, and further and quality of health of the adult person.
it is important to understand THAT the child possessing high-grade immunity. Can endure any disease without whatever that There were treatments. Healthy immunity will always allow it to recover safely.
treatment of the healthy child which is carried out by parents, should be directed on simplification of its condition, instead of on destruction of the activator of disease.

how Parents will care about health of the child is their choice which can be competent, and can that and not be.

Therefore Let's begin conversation about children's health with the story, how Immune forces of our organism are formed .