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Childrens infectious diseases. A scarlet fever

As a child, the person transmission of infectious diseases, which later as an adult, he was never ill.
That is why they are called "children's infectious diseases"

The scarlet fever is one of forms of a streptococcal infection. The scarlet fever activator can cause and any other streptococcal disease.
children at the age of 2-6 years are most susceptible to a scarlet fever. At adults this disease meets extremely seldom. The scarlet fever can proceed in different forms - FROM erased To the heavy. The transferred disease forms proof immunity.

The disease Description
The activator of m of a scarlet fever the streptococcus is. Disease by air drop way will be transferred. An infection source is The sick person who is dangerous 7 10 days from the disease beginning.
entrance collars of an infection are mucous membranes palatal mindalin, sometimes the damaged skin (ranevaja or a burn surface).
the Incubatory period proceeds from several o'clock till 7 days.

The disease beginning usually sharp, the intoxication, rise in temperature of a body to 38°С and above, quinsy with limfadenitom are characteristic. Quinsy is characterised by a sore throat (especially at swallowing). The bright delimited reddening of a pharynx and palatal mindalin («a flaring pharynx») reaction of lymph nodes (increase, morbidity, consolidation).
the Intoxication is expressed by a headache, weakness, often nausea and vomiting.

Against the maximum expressiveness of all signs (usually in first two days) appears melkotochechnaja a rash from 1 to 5 mm in diameter which disappears at skin extension.
rash elements are close located to each other In the first day a rash bright, sometimes bright red. By 3 4 day turns pale to is weak-pink.
the rash happens plentiful is more often, settles down on sgibatelnyh surfaces: axillary, elbow, pahovyh, popliteal.
Besides, it can settle down on a lobby and lateral surfaces of a neck, lateral parts of a breast, on a stomach, a waist, internal and back surfaces of hips and shins. On these sites the rash more plentifully, more brightly also remains longer time. A skin of the patient dry, rough.

For a scarlet fever language changes are typical. In 1st day it is imposed by whitish touch, with 2 for 4-5 day gradually is cleared and takes a form bright, with acting sosochkami («crimson language»).
In sharp the period is characteristic also a kind of the person of the patient: against a bright flush of cheeks and cherry or crimson colouring of lips it is allocated pale nosogubnyj a triangle.

Development of symptoms occurs very quickly, they are as much as possible expressed already in I 2 day of illness.
then their gradual fading follows.

In recover which begins from second week Diseases 10-14 days also last, there is a skin peeling And "sosochkovogo" language. For a scarlet fever the peeling on fingers of hands and feet is typical. There can be a small peeling on a skin Necks, trunks, ear lobes.

Care of the child
Sick of a scarlet fever treat houses, hospitalisation is necessary only at heavy forms.
if there were pains at swallowing it is recommended mechanically and chemically sparing diet, vitamin-rich. At the child probably infringement of appetite, refusal of firm food in favour of drink.

During the period vysypanii it is necessary to watch cleanliness bed and on-telnogo linen, clothes, hands, toys.
toys follows ispolzo-vat only what can be disinfected: to wash with soap or to boil. The linen is necessary to change 1 time in 4 days or on a measure zagrjaz-nenija.
At change of linen it is necessary for boiling at once and do not make laugh-vat with other linen. Premises are aired not less than 2 times pass, damp cleaning of all premise is spent once a day, and rooms where there is a patient - 2 times a day. Toys wash once a day.

To the patient allocate the separate complete set of ware which should be disinfected carefully to wash with means for ware washing, and then to douse boiled water. The chamber-pot and a basin for washing should be individual.

And hands of the patient it is necessary to wash the person daily, it is necessary to rinse a mouth 2 times a day disinfectant grassy infusion.
for this purpose will approach a camomile, zveroboj, mint. To prepare infusion, it is necessary I ch. A dry grass to fill in with a boiled water glass, to insist 30 minutes, to filter and rinse a mouth warm infusion.
it is recommended to grease lips with hygienic lipstick.

The information on the remote consequences is interesting to formation of immunity of treatment of a scarlet fever by antibiotics that widespread in modern medicine.
application of antibiotics authentically reduces probability of serious complications, however at such clinical course the organism does not develop steady immunity to streptococci, and it is possible to have been ill with a scarlet fever yet once.

treatment without antibiotics (obshcheukrepljajushchie the means, the vitaminized food, treatment by means of vitamins. The homoeopathy etc.) leads to formation of proof lifelong immunity.