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Childrens infectious diseases. An epidemic parotitis, or "svinka"

As a child, the person transmission of infectious diseases, which later as an adult, he was never ill.
That is why they are called "children's infectious diseases"

The epidemic parotitis, or svinka, is a safe children's illness, an index kontagioznosti which makes 50 %. It means that from 100 persons contacting to the patient, falls ill approximately 50. The main sign svinki is tumour occurrence in the submaxillary area connected with a hypostasis okoloushnyh and submaxillary salivary glands which are amazed with the activator svinki.
In the big percent of cases the tumour during disease does not arise. Disease usually proceeds benign, be more rare it can average weight.
at healthy children proceeds without complication. As a result of the transferred disease proof immunity is formed, however there are cases of repeated disease which are connected with vaccination.

The disease Description
The parotitis activator is the virus which takes root into a mucous fabric of an oral cavity, a nose and drinks.
the virus gets into salivary glands where breeds and extends by birth.

Except salivary, the virus can amaze podzheludochnuju and thyroid glands, man's and female sexual glands, dairy and plaintive glands.
an infection source always is the sick person who is infectious from the end of the incubatory period 1-2 days prior to Clinical displays and especially within the first 3-5 days Diseases. After 9дняболезни the person is infectious.

incubatory The period lasts 11 21 day.
the disease period svinkoj begins in the late autumn and comes to an end in the early spring.
More often disease begins sharply, with rise in temperature Bodies till 38-39 With, but can begin with slackness, a headache, dream infringement.

in a heat children start to complain of a pain at Mouth opening, chewing, necks that is accompanied by one okoloushnoj salivary gland are more rare.
through 1-2 days usually increase also another okoloushnaja gland. On the party Defeats there is a swelling ahead of an ear, under a lobe, behind Auricle so the ear lobe is in the swelling centre.
Swelling soft enough, a skin over it dense, colour of a skin not It is changed. The child becomes similar to a pig.
increase in the salivary Glands it is usually marked with 2 to 10 days from the disease beginning.

Care of the child
At svinke to children it is recommended to observe the bed strictly Mode throughout all period of disease that allows To avoid the complicated clinical course.
in connection with a pain at chewing the liquid and semi-fluid food is recommended.
chemically sparing diet with cancellation sokogonnyh, sour, sharp and fat dishes as they have an effect on inflamed salivary glands is necessary also. After meal it is recommended to rinse a mouth any disinfectant solution: a camomile, zveroboem, a pink solution of potassium permanganate, furatsilinom.
To the place of a tumour it is recommended dry Heat.
the child can tie a warm scarf or with to do a vatno-gauze bandage. It is possible to use warming up razogretym a dog Clod, salt, grechkoj, a hot-water bottle or dark blue light. Damp compresses At svinke it is impossible to use categorically.

Indoors, where there is a patient, it is necessary to do daily damp cleaning and 2 times pass to spend airing.

The Complicated parotitis
More often there is a parotitis defeat of salivary glands, in rare instances - a combination of the form of a parotitis.
it is defeats of a pancreas (pancreatitis), sexual (orhit and ooforit) dairy Glands (mastitis) which are combined with an inflammation of salivary glands.

Tumours jaichek, chronic orhit, barreness, an impotence, a chronic pancreatitis can be an outcome of the complicated current paratita. The most known complication is orhit - an inflammation jaichka at men which leads to barreness.
this complication mentions usually one jaichko while reproductive functions of the second remain.

Orhit meets Exclusively at teenagers and at men, but not at children.
in communication With these boys it is recommended to transfer disease in freedom - The priest to the form at the age from 3 till 12 years as it is dangerous for vzros lyh.

and the parotitis is dangerous to women as can amaze jaichni ki.
disease svinkoj during pregnancy can result To developmental anomalies of a fruit and its pre-natal  destruction.
for girls there is one more occasion to immunity acquisition on otnoshe-niju to svinke.

Researches have shown that the women who have transferred in the childhood svinku, have a cancer jaichnikov less often.