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Childrens infectious diseases. A chicken pox (chicken pox)

As a child, the person transmission of infectious diseases, which later as an adult, he was never ill.
That is why they are called "children's infectious diseases"

Chicken pox, or the chicken pox, hundred quite harmless children's disease which does not demand treatment. A susceptibility to illness - 100 %, from here and its name a chicken pox as if it extends Downwind.
in pезультате пeренесения diseases proof lifelong immunity is formed. Basically vetrjanokj children doshkolknogo and shkolnoju age, more often - children from 2 till 6 years are ill. At newborn and chest children this disease can arise only In to that case if mum in the childhood was not ill with a chicken pox and has not got in relation to it natural immunity.
it is the most safe to have been ill with a chicken pox till 16 years. At adult age the chicken pox proceeds much more hard and gives more complications.

The disease Description The acute infectious disease transferred vozdushnokapelnym by a way, characterised by a fever, a moderate intoxication and extended puzyrkovoj a rash on a skin and mucous membranes.
an infection source is a sick chicken pox pli surrounding herpes. The incubatory period lasts 11-21 day.

The rash arising at a chicken pox, has the features: in the beginning there is a red stain, which within several hours prekvrashchaetsja in a vial. At first the vial wall is strained, then its centre starts to sink down, and the vial for 1-2 days turns to a blood crust.
blood crusts dry up and disappear, on their place individual scars can be formed. Vetrjanochnye elements have roundish and whether the oval form.
the rash at a vial stage causes an itch, and the child can be scratched.

At a chicken pox vysypanija arise tolchkoobrazno during 2-5дней that causes a false difference of character of a rash: on one site of a skin there are rash elements in a different stage of development - from a stain to a crust.
the next days vysypanija become smaller and often do not reach a stage of vials. Rash elements on mucous quickly are opened and turn in superficial jazvochki which heal for 3-5 day vysypany.
Each new vysypanie it can be accompanied by body rise in temperature.

Care of the child If the child is ill with a chicken pox, during the period vysypany it is necessary to watch Behind cleanliness bed and underwear, clothes, hands, toys. The linen is necessary for changing every other day, daily or more often, in process of pollution. The premise is aired not less than 2 times a day, damp assemblage of 1 times is spent pass.

For prevention of an itch and combing of vials appearing elements of a rash are recommended to be processed.
in due time to find out the new elements of the RASH which for the present have been not generated in vials, it is necessary to examine the child 2-3 times a day and to grease with their any painting spirit solution.
for this purpose is better approach zelenka and a blue, a painting solution it is preferable, as allows to note the appeared elements of a rash and vposkledstvii to distinguish old from the new. Vysypanija on mucous membranes process a blue.
It is recommended also poloskanierta after meal.

Processing vysypanii is important, as the combed and infected vials after healing leave characteristic scars - scars.
if vysypanie to be in time prizhech before vial formation it can and not be formed, the itch does not arise, the child is not scratched, and scars are not formed.